Campaign Status Report – August 2017

As of the end of August, our campaing has recieved $21,000 in donations!

Once again I would like to personally thank all those who have contributed, volunteered, or are considering to do so.

While the sum of $21,000 is a tremenous acomlishment and a substantial amout of funding, we are now heading into the heart and soul of the campaign and the majority of our spending is about to happen. As alwaws, we live within our means and make sure every dollar spent is maximized and necessary.

So where does the money go in a campaign? Here are a few of the answers we want you to know.

  • Events – We have events where we invite voters to come and meet with John in an informal setting, with light snacks and a glass or two of wine. These events are fun and very cost effective.
  • Signs and Printing – These are critical to “getting the word out”. Would you consider placing a sign in your yard? If so, just click here and we’ll contact you!
  • Information – There are many resources we have access to that provide us with “demographic” data we use to make better informed decisions. These sources are not free, but provide us with information we use in order to allocate our resources most efficiently.
  • Mailings – This is the big one and it’s just about to begin. Nearly three fourths of all spendngwill be related to mailing. While it may seem “old school”, there is simply no better way to reach people in their homes, when they have the time to gather the information.

With the campaign entering the final 60 days, it is vital that we reach out to as many voters and possible. We are finding that our message of fiscal responsibility and community involvement is truly resonating with the residents of RPV.

Your donations go a long way in this campaign. We have held events and will continue to hold them over the next two months. We have banners, yard signs and mail pieces which are used to get our message out. Without your generosity, none of this can happen. I truly thank you for your ongoing support!

Donating to this campaign is easy, just click here to see our secure, on-line donation page. I’d like to once again thank everyone who has taken an interest in my campaign. Without your support, none of this would be possible!

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