John’s Positions on the Issues Facing RPV

John Cruikshank
As a long time resident of RPV and with the insights of a Small Business Owner, my positions are shaped by my life experiences along with the input of friends and neighbors.

Simplify City Processes

From Permits to fixing Pot-holes, working with City Hall can sometimes be challenging and costly for many residents.

I will work hard to help our citizens get the solutions they are looking for in an easier and more timely way.

My goal is to see that City Hall works for all of us.

Sharing our City's Resources

We live in Rancho Palos Verdes because we love its beauty, serenity, and people. With social media it's hard to keep the greatness of our City from the rest of the world and that is why so many hike, bike ride, and visit our roads, trails, and businesses. I know that public roads must remain public but there is a limit to how much each neighborhood should have to open their arms to others.

I will balance public access with the protection of our neighborhoods. If we want to limit parking hours and locations, then I will work with the Council and City staff to formulate smart solutions using traffic and access controls including permit parking and parking meters where deemed necessary. Monies collected by meters will be used to provide enforcement and can even be used for neighborhood amenities for the affected areas.

Let me know if you have concerns in your neighborhood so we can start finding solutions.

Holding Utilities Accountable

I will hold our Utility Companies accountable to Homeowners and our Local Businesses when doing system upgrades or placing new structures.

I will press to make sure that views are preserved and property is protected. Approval to access private property should be coordinated prior to entrance.

These are just a few of the issues related to utility companies I'll work on. If you have any thoughts on this issue please let me know.

No Budget Deficits

Did you know when our City was founded we budgeted expenditures of $1.7 million with revenues of $2.4 million? The current FY 2016-17 budget has $44.2 million in expenditures on $39.9 million in revenues with the difference made up by fund balance transfers. The General Fund reserve is around $11.4 million, and the current City Council maintains reserve policy thresholds. I believe the current Council does a good job of balancing the budgets which is a policy I will maintain.

Our City founders created RPV as a "no tax" City. Taxes are a reality, but every penny the government collects needs to be spent with respect. I want to make sure our City government has the money to continue to operate on a high level but not deficit level. Caps on spending forces the City Manager and Department Heads to keep a close eye on their operations ensuring that there is not waste or abuse. I want to help run our City with the same fiscal constraints that we run our family budgets and our businesses--never running a budget deficit unless there is legitimate reason.